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Jvc kd-x250btee схема

Скачать jvc kd-x250btee схема fb2

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Please read all instructions carefully before operation to obtain the best. Por favor lea detenidamente este manual para comprender a fondo todas las. Enter below the Model No. Retain this information for future reference. Jvc - 50w x 4 mosfet apple ipod -ready digital media receiver 86 pages. Operation is subject to the following two Caution conditions: 1 This device may not cause interference, and Volume setting: 2 this device must accept any interference, Adjust the volume so that you can hear sounds Hold 5 Adjust the hour.

DO NOT expose to bright sunlight. When you press or hold the following button s Remote Faceplate General function Auto search. Press Manual search. Page 8: Usb Randomly plays all tracks. Page External Components External components External components You can connect an external component to the AUX auxiliary input jack on the faceplate.

For details, refer also to the instructions supplied with the external components. Page 12 A maximum of two Bluetooth phones and one Bluetooth audio device can be connected at any time. Page Quick Search Bluetooth mobile phone Making a call from the hands-free menu 1 Enter the hands-free menu.

There is not unfinished orders. List of all orders. Personal site account simplify order of goods, allows to make pricisely calculations of delivery charges and to catch answers of your messages. Having your discount card registered you will be able to see discounted prices. Your location was not detected Refresh IP location.

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